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My name is Susie Castaneda (She/Her)

Salon Owner/Business Coach


I've lived in Stuart, Florida since 2008 and have been a hairdresser since 2006.  I help stylists and beauty professionals find their path, heal their trauma, transform, and create a better future in their career.


Are you feeling burnout and exhaustion on the daily? Schedule a coaching call with me. We can have a 1 : 1 and discuss the challenges your are facing and ways that we can overcome them.


Schedule a one hour phone call and let us dive deep, feel support, and heal our pain.

$125 for a one hour session

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My Story

I've been in the hair industry since 2006, and have been a salon owner and team leader since 2017. I also have had the honor of being part of an amazing journey with Soulville, a community that is part of a conscious transformation process aimed at healing and transforming people through therapy and art. 


 As a stylist I faced many challenges and struggled in many toxic work practices and salons. I pushed through and I thrived. I figured out how to stay authentic, build my books and eventually I became independent and expanded into a suite. I was so busy and grew my business so fast that I soon found myself opening a salon. I have made a lot of mistakes and learned from them. I became a better leader and learned to set boundaries and make time for myself. 

Through my journey I have taken many business classes, hired a coach, and went through a transpersonal journey to heal my past trauma and do some shadow work to become the person I am today. I want to help elevate the salon industry by inspiring others and healing burnout.

Recently I had a late pregnancy loss which was devastating to me. I had to take time away from the salon to heal and rest and mourn the loss of my baby. I was able to create a process of letting go and healing and it really helped me become a better stylist, a better leader and a better person inside and out.. I want to help others through their journey and help heal and transform them to their highest potential and create a better future.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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